Blienschwiller – The Double Rendez-Vous of Flavors

This beautiful event will take place in 2020 for the next time.

Maybe you have heard about the principle of gourmet walks with happy guests, (sometimes several thousands!), walk through the vineyard. From spring to autumn, from north to south of Alsace, from step to step you can taste wines and enjoy bites or small dishes. Such events require significant logistics.

Blienschwiller, the Rendez-vous of the 2 flavours
Blienschwiller, the Double Rendez-vous of Flavours

In Blienschwiller, at the Double Rendez-Vous of Flavours, they have decided to associate fine wines with delicate dishes.
The event takes place every year on May 8th but not in 2019.

So in Blienschwiller, they decided to choose gastronomy. No hiking in the vineyards. The 400 guests (be careful, not one more!) walk the streets of the village, an elegant tasting glass around the neck, from wine estate to winery. Each participating winemaker partners with a restaurateur who prepares delicate bites that will highlight the wines of the house.

Blienschwiller’s Double Rendezvous of Flavors is a high-profile event not to be missed. But beware, the number of participants is limited. Too bad for the latecomers!
Information: or by phone: +33 (0) 6 51 01 33 01

Blienschwiller, the Double Rendez-Vous of Flavors: fine wines associated with delicate dishes.
Every year on May 8th.